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Agenda 21

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Agenda 21

The Town is committed to Sustainable Development!

Issues and history

In 1992, at the Rio Earth Summit, 178 countries adopted Agenda 21. This is a declaration that establishes a programme of actions for the 21st century in order to move towards sustainable development for the planet.

It makes some 2,500 recommendations on problems relating to health, housing, air pollution, managing seas, forests and mountains, desertification, water resources and treatment, agriculture and waste management.

Local authorities are invited to set up their own Agenda 21 programmes with help from partners such as local businesses, residents and associations. The town of Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire is now committed to this approach.

Participatory democracy in play

The project has been planned and conducted with the highest degree of participation from the population and local stakeholders (associations, businesses, administrations).

Preparing an Agenda 21 is a process that considers the long term. The main stages in drafting the programme are diagnosis, consultation and writing the action plan.

Consultation is an integral part of any process that claims to be guided by sustainable development.

The action plan takes proposals made during the consultation, puts them in order and arranges them according to a timetable (which is where the name Agenda comes from). It must be possible to evaluate the plan using reliable, credible indicators.

The Town has been working since April 2008 to set up and monitor a local Agenda 21. It published its first Agenda 21 document in December 2009. New editions produced every year will make it possible to monitor the Town's progress on Sustainable Development accurately and regularly.

Download the Agenda 21


Rigorous organisation

The strategic management of our Agenda 21 is entrusted to the members of the Environment Committee, chaired by Mireille Coulon, Deputy Mayor in charge of the environment and sustainable development. This committee is made up of councillors, council staff and Cosne residents.

It has set up two directions for work, one internal to the Town Hall and the other external for Cosne citizens.