Mairie de Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire - Working group – Computerisation

Working group – Computerisation

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Working group – Computerisation

Computerisation is the transformation of physical information media (often paper documents) into computer files.

Virtualisation means grouping several servers into a single server to save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Computerisation of interdepartmental forms (no paper printouts, communication via e-mail),
  • Computerisation of requests for birth and other certificates via the website,
  • Grouping printing together via copiers rather than small printers that consume a great deal of ink and energy,
  • Adding meters to copiers to avoid waste, and implementing a print profile that favours double-sided printing and the use of black-and-white rather than colour,
  • Discussing the installation of virtualisation servers to reduce the total stock of servers (significant energy savings).
  • Paperless faxes.
  • Raising awareness of scanning rather than copying.