Mairie de Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire - Working group – Mobility

Working group – Mobility

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Working group – Mobility

This Group was set up on 3 July 2009. It consists of 7 people (including one person from outside the local authority) who have undertaken to test alternative modes of transport and compare their different experiences.

The group also took part in the mobility and road safety week, sending a questionnaire to all the municipal staff to find out about how they travel to work.

The support provided by Alterre Bourgogne is a bonus, and the meeting at the town hall on 21 October 2009 helped to highlight everybody's efforts and the difficulties encountered. Car-sharing and cycling are often mentioned, but the problems of different people's working hours, family life and the distance between home and work seem difficult to overcome.

A study with the Human Resources department is also planned, looking at how staff travel to training courses. The study will target training locations, duration, the mode of transport chosen and the reasons for the choice.