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Cosne figures of yesterday

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Cosne figures of yesterday

Paul Doumer, President of the Republic (1857-1932)

Cosne was the adopted home of Paul Doumer, a native of Aurillac, from 1921 until his death in 1932. Here he was made President of the Senate, and he was then elected President of the French Republic in 1931. He was assassinated during his time in office on 7 May 1932.

Charles Girault, architect (1851-1932)

The Petit Palais in Paris – that was him! Charles Girault began his career thanks to Honoré Daumet, a famous architect of his day, who noticed the quality of his drawings. Following his art studies, he won the Grand Prix de Rome, and his stay in Italy had a profound influence on his style. After the Exposition Universelle in 1900, he became the royal architect of Léopold II, the King of Belgium. Many important monuments in Brussels bear his signature. Charles Girault is commemorated in Cosne with a memorial plaque, added several years ago to the house where he lived at the corner of Rue Anatole-France and the Boulevard de la République.

Marie de la Grange d'Arquien, queen of Poland (1641-1716)

Originally from the Upper Loire Valley, she became queen of Poland from 1674 to 1696 and then lived in Rome under the protection of the Pope for fifteen years, before returning to the banks of the Loire, where she ended her days in 1716.

Roger Bricoux, a musician in the orchestra of the Titanic

The young cellist, born in Cosne, perished in the sinking of the most famous ship in the world in April 1912 at the age of 21. A commemorative plaque was laid by the town of Cosne at Saint-Agnan cemetery on 2 November 2000 at the initiative of the French Titanic association.

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