Mairie de Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire - Saem Loire et Nohain becomes ADEB Cosne

Saem Loire et Nohain becomes ADEB Cosne

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Saem Loire et Nohain becomes ADEB Cosne

Created in 1990, Saem Loire & Nohain has changed and clarified its goals in recent months to provide a better response to the new economic development issues in our area. This was also an opportunity to change the name: ADEB Cosne, the Cosne Basin Economic Development Agency, was born.

Its priorities are now clear: welcoming and supporting entrepreneurs, rigorously monitoring the development of companies already established in the Cosne basin and optimising professional approaches.

The organisation takes pride in simplifying and coordinating the administrative formalities for entrepreneurs.

Under the leadership of its President, Hicham Boujlilat, its priority is to work towards reindustrialising the Henkel site and encouraging the establishment of new businesses.

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