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Welcome to Cosne!

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Welcome to Cosne!

The Town of Cosne makes it a point of honour to offer a friendly welcome to all new Cosne residents!

Every year, in November, the Town and the Association des Villes Françaises (association of French towns) organises a welcome ceremony for new arrivals. The evening is an opportunity to discover the Town and its facilities and activities. Many associations take part to inform you and guide you in your new Town.

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Throughout the year, the Accueil des Villes Françaises (French towns' welcome association) is always available to help you discover Cosne. An association under the 1901 associations act, the AVF is one of the most important social and cultural organisations in France, and works alongside town councils. Its job is to make life easier for new arrivals by helping them create friendly relationships in their new environment.

In Cosne, the AVF team aims to innovate, listen to your needs and communicate, with the sole objective of fostering your development in our town and helping you discover the heritage of our beautiful region.

At each session, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 6 pm, our dynamic team offers a variety of activities:

  • crafts, games of Scrabble, tarot and belote, hiking,
  • a book club meets once a quarter to discuss a book chosen jointly.

Half-day or full-day outings are offered from time to time. All the events are above all opportunities to meet people, extending the welcome.

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