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Sporting events throughout the year!

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Sporting events throughout the year!

Cosne is proud to host numerous sporting events throughout the year. Below are the main events that should not be missed!

The Easter Tournament

The Easter Tournament is organised in April by the football section of the Cosne sports union (UCS) at the Raphaël Giraux sports park. A flagship tournament, this annual footballing event brings together nearly 45 teams every year, made up of over 460 children from the Nièvre and the Paris region.


The cycling schools' national Critérium

The Critérium, organised by the cycling section of the UCS, is the essential event for all young cycling enthusiasts, from the Poussin ("chick") category to the Minime category. It is held in May.

The Tour de la Communauté de Communes (tour of the municipal federation)

The Tour is organised by cycling section of the UCS, also in May. Participants cycle almost 100 km around all the towns in the federation.

The Tour Nivernais Morvan

The Tour Nivernais Morvan, organised by the Varennes Vauzelles cycling club, brings together about a hundred cycle racers, who ride along the roads of Nièvre and Morvan in June.


The Ronde Cosnoise

The Ronde Cosnoise is a major athletics event for all running fans held on 14 July over an urban track through the streets of Cosne town centre.

Three races for all levels: 1 km, 3 km and 10 km.


Prix de la Ville

The Prix de la Ville is a cycling race that brings together young road biking enthusiasts every 14 July.



Nocturne Cycliste

The Nocturne Cycliste is an original cycle racing concept, in which riders race 90 km through the streets of the town centre at nightfall in July.



Women's Gold Trophy

The Women's Gold Trophy is organised by the Cher VTT Vélo Passion mountain biking association. The competition brings together the best cyclists in the world in August. In teams, they spend a week competing stage by stage, with one day dedicated to the so-called mountain circuit on the Cosne stage. High speed and thrills guaranteed!

The Rallye des Vignobles

The Rallye des Vignobles (vineyard rally) had 180 participants when it was created... 30 years later, there are over 3000! Every October, walkers, mountain bikers and cyclists travel the region's vineyards in this friendly event. The cycle touring section of the UCS offers participants several routes suitable for everyone! The perfect way to discover the area through sport!

Cosne/Sancerre roller ski

Cosne/Sancerre is a 25-km race through the Sancerrois and Nièvre areas reserved for roller skis and skates. It takes place on the second weekend in October and is open to cadet, junior, senior and veteran entrants.

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