Mairie de Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire - Working group – Energy/Fluids

Working group – Energy/Fluids

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Working group – Energy/Fluids

Audit of municipal buildings:

  • Planning the work to be carried out in buildings classed as priorities for the Provisional Budget 2009: power consumption, but also users and their comfort.
  • Simple measures have been put in place, such as reduced heating in school buildings during the holidays and optimised building occupancy to avoid heating empty space.
  • A comparative study of energy consumption has been carried out, measuring the impact of the work done on consumption and on user comfort. This study has also enabled us to update our audit and to plan work to be proposed for the 2010 provisional budget. At the end of 2009 we decided to acquire Internet software that will enable us to monitor our electricity consumption and alert us to heavy use.

Audit of the vehicle fleet:

  • This audit covered the light vehicle fleet. The technical fleet (mowers, tractors etc.) remains to be audited.
  • A policy is already in place on the replacement of vehicles. Buyers must take account of users' needs and write specifications incorporating vehicle size requirements that are as accurate as possible.