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Discover Cosne

The second-largest town in the Nièvre district, with 11,585 inhabitants, Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire structures the local life of the Nivernais and the Upper Loire Valley.


Active businesses per activity sector in 2006:

  1. Tertiary: 70.4%, or 4320 jobs
    - retail: 17.7%, or 1084 jobs
    - business services: 9.7%, or 597 jobs
    - consumer services: 6.0%, or 371 jobs
  2. Industry: 23.4%, or 1437 jobs
  3. Construction: 4.5%, or 278 jobs
  4. Agriculture: 1.6%, or 98 jobs


Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire has a catchment area of over 40,000 inhabitants within a radius of 20 km. From hypermarkets to local shops, retail is one of the main providers of employment in the private sector.

Highlight: the market. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning, the market attracts crowds into the town centre, to the delight of Cosne residents and visitors but also of retailers, who open their shops to make the most of the trade.

The health centre

Hospital, clinic with scanner, SMUR (mobile emergency and reanimation service): Cosne has a substantial health service with powerful equipment. The private surgical hospital, accredited by the health ministry and contracted by the social security agency, mutual insurers and provident societies, specialises in orthopaedic, trauma, ophthalmologic, visceral, gynaecological, vascular, urological, stomatological and ENT surgery (main specialities), vascular medicine, sports medicine and medical oncology.


Cosne is a significant educational centre, with nine nursery and primary schools, eight public or private secondary schools and a renowned water training centre attached to the college of further education.


The cultural vitality of Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire is a shining beacon!

The fledgling Festiv'été festival, launched in 2008, is already a must in the region: nearly fifty shows by popular artists over three months, staged free of charge in the squares and streets of the town. With the "Garçon, la Note" café concerts every night of the week from 1 July to 31 August, summer in Cosne is decidedly festive!

From the youth theatre festival to the Russian arts festival via the book fair and the cinema festival, not to mention the exhibitions at the Loire Museum and the postal museum, Cosne celebrates all the arts!

The large library serving several towns, opened in September 2009, brings culture within everyone's reach.

Main cultural events


The Loire-et-Nohain "Communauté de Communes" (grouping of municipalities) includes nine municipalities: Alligny Cosne, Annay, La Celle s/Loire, Myennes, Neuvy s/Loire, Pougny, Saint-Loup, Saint-Père and Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire. It covers a population of 17,648.

Chaired by Alain Dherbier, the Mayor of Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, the federation pools its skills to maximise achievement.

Its two primary missions are:

  • to promote economic and tourism development and support employment.
  • to develop the territory and conduct a joint planning policy.

The federation also has authority over social and cultural facilities, housing policy and the environment.

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